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UNIFORMS: are sold separately as they are not included in the registration fees.  Our Club uniform consists of a predetermined Red/Black Jersey, solid black shorts and solid black socks.    Due to safety concerns, players cannot wear shorts that have pockets.  Each player must wear the complete Club uniform to participate in any game.  When playing a team from our Own Club, the Home Team will switch Jersey. Example: Age groups U14-U19 will wear the alternate Club White Jersey and the U6-U10 age groups will wear a plain White-Tshirt.  Otherwise the Red/Black Jersey is worn at Home at all times. For the U14-U19 they may wear their White Jersey for away games. NO logos, emblems or patches can be attached to the Club uniform unless approved by District 6.  Once purchased, the uniform becomes the property of the player and/or the player’s parents and/or guardians and is not refundable. 


*In previous years, it has been our experience that our selected uniform is available for use for 2+ years thus alleviating the need for each player to buy a jersey each year.  The market may change with uniform distributors updating their availability.   Thus, our opportunity to have our players continue to use their jersey from the previous year after year may not be possible.  Players may be required to purchase the jersey portion of their uniform each year based on availability of the previous season’s uniform. 



SHINGUARDS: must be worn at all practices and games.  To avoid serious injury, please make sure that your child's shin-guards are long enough to cover the shin from the kneecap to the ankle.  Socks must be worn over the shin-guards.  NOTE:  Coaches and referees will not allow children to practice or play without shin-guards.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.  (Standing Rule S:04:04)


SHOES:  Tennis shoes or turf shoes are acceptable for play.  If wearing soccer cleats they must be rounded rubber molded – no metal spikes.  No beveled edged baseball / football cleats are allowed.  If screw-in cleats are used they must be in good condition with no metal exposed.  No toe cleats are allowed (such as baseball cleats).  (Standing Rule S:04:04)


GOALKEEPERS: may wear soft knee and elbow pads.  They may wear long or short goalkeeper pants or sweatpants and gloves.  Headbands or sweatbands are allowed as long as no gang affiliations are suspected.  The Referee may use his discretion to ban headgear. 

No protests of this decision will be allowed.


JEWELRY:  ALL JEWLERY MUST BE REMOVED DURING ALL PRACTICES AND ALL GAMES. This includes but is not limited to: Watches, earrings, chains, hard metal hair clips, or anything, which, IN THE OPINION OF THE REFEREE may cause injury. (Standing Rule S:04:04).  Eyebrow, nose and tongue jewelry must also be removed prior to participating in any practice or game.  Placing tape or a Band-Aid over any of the above does not alleviate the need for the item to be removed.   

GUM/FOOD:  Chewing gum or eating while playing OR practicing is prohibited.


CASTS:  Anyone wearing splints, casts, or other hard stiff medical devices shall not be permitted to play, no matter how well padded.  The referee's judgment in this matter is final.  (Standing Rule S:04:03)

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