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Board of Directors

Telephone Number, NHAYSC916-750-KIKS Voicemail
Miller, Dustin916-308-0027 manager@nhaysc.comManager
Berget, Adaemail to contact asstmanager@nhaysc.comAssistant Manager
Gutierrez, Ameliaemail to contact secretary@nhaysc.comSecretary
, Treasureremail to contact treasurer@nhaysc.comTreasurer
Perez, AntoinetteUPDATING registration@nhaysc.comRegistrar
Brunner, Shariemail to contact coach1@nhaysc.comCoach Coordinator
Harrison, Johnemail to contact coach2@nhaysc.comCoach Coordinator
Tibbetts, Jenniferemail to contact referee@nhaysc.comReferee Coordinator
Navarro, Adrianaemail to contact teamparent@nhaysc.comTeam Parent Coordinator
Strautman, Coreyemail to contact fields11@nhaysc.comField Coordinator
, VACANTemail to contact equipment@nhaysc.comEquipment Coordinator
Lacayo, Ariannaemail to contact uniforms@nhaysc.comUniform Coordinator
Leggett, Yvonneemail to contact fundraiser@nhaysc.comFundraiser Coordinator
Fajardo, Ramonemail to contact webmaster@nhaysc.comPR/Advertisement / Webmaster
Spore, Angie openingday@nhaysc.comOpening Day
, General Informationemail to contact

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